F-100 COMPRI is a compressed ready-to-use therapeutic food (RUTF) and is developed for use in the rehabilitation phase for treatment of severe malnutrition for children and adults.
F-100 COMPRI is solid compressed F-100 Therapeutic milk. The ingredients and the nutritional specification of F-100 COMPRI is absolute identical with the specification for the F-100 Therapeutic Milk, which is based on the WHO formula F-100.
References: WHO, 1999, Management of severe malnutrition: A manual for physicians and other health workers.

Key Benefits / Features

  • Min. 5 years shelf life
  • Ready-To-Use Therapeutic Food
  • Contains all the nutrition necessary in the treatment of severe malnutrition
  • Rapid weight gain
  • Low osmolarity
  • Robust protective packing, packed under vacuum, in tri-laminated alu foil, air-and watertight
  • Can be used as take home therapeutic food