MSI is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of emergency food products, products for the treatment of severe malnutrition, supplementary food products and basic relief items. Our customers are humanitarian organizations, non-govermental and govermental organisations, UN organisations, civil defence organisations, military bodies and the maritime sector.

In 1991 we started the first production of emergency food products. Over the following years we extended our product range in accordance to the requirements of our customers and partners, as humanitarian organisations, NGO's, govermental organisations, UN-organisations, civil devence organisations, expeditions, the lifeboat- and lifecraft manufacturers, their service stations and shipchandlers.

The cooperation with experienced international forwarders allows us fast and reliable transport to the final destination.

From our emergency stockpile in our warehouse in Hamburg and near Frankfurt International Airport it is possible to deliver Emergency Food within hours.

Clear storage of well-balanced raw materials and high-quality special preparations are produced in modern production facilities. All our materials and finished products are checked individualy to ensure your products are of the highest quality. We are committed to producing and developing products with health beneficial effect and deliver new solutions to support improvements in humanitarian nutrition programs.