NRG-5 Emergency Food Ration

NRG-5 Emergency Food Rations are compressed high energy biscuits. The NRG-5 rations are developed for use in relief operations during natural or man-manmade disasters, for emergency preparedness, outdoor activities and as a food supplement.
NRG-M Emergency Food Rations of 250g net. each are mainly used for military operations and for outdoor activities. Because it´s small packing size, NRG-M fits into almost any pocket.

Key Benefits / Features

  • Min. 10 years shelf life
  • Ready-To-Eat
  • Complete nutrition for children and adults
  • Added with extra vitamins and minerals
  • Robust protective packing, packed under vacuum, in tri-laminated alu foil, air-and watertight under vacuum
  • Withstands extreme temperatures